Maryland Animal Health - Fair and Show Requirements

Please see below for the current Maryland Animal Health Fair and Show Requirements for entry and participation in Maryland exhibitions.

New animal identification requirements are being implemented this season, highlighted below. The Maryland Department of Agriculture's (MDA), Animal Health Program strives to safeguard Maryland's animal industries at our Fairs and Shows thru these requirements, due to increased potential of disease transmission occurring when large numbers of animals gather for exhibition. As an exhibitor or sponsor of an exhibition, you can help reduce the potential risk of introduction and spread of infectious and/or contagious diseases by following these health requirements. 

NEW FOR the 2014 SEASON- Federal and State Animal Identification requirements: 

All animals except rabbits must have “Official Identification” to enter exhibitions.  In most cases, this means the animal will have to be identified using an official USDA or MD tag that is associated with a registered premise. Official Identification criteria are provided in the attached document. New requirements this year affecting swine, cattle, sheep and goats are as described below:

1. Cattle: Brands or tattoos will not be acceptable as official identification in Maryland exhibitions for cattle. Animals must have a tag with official identification

2. Swine: Recognized breed ear notches or tattoos will not be acceptable as official identification in Maryland exhibitions. Swine must have tags bearing official identification.

3. Sheep and Goats: All sheep and goats must be officially scrapie-identified. Official identification for sheep and goats include the following:
a. USDA-approved Scrapie ear tags;
b. Legible breed registration tattoos, for which the registration paper shall accompany the animals; or
c. Legible tattoos consisting of an individual animal number unique within the flock in one ear and the official scrapie premise identification number (flock ID) in the other ear, except that the tail web or flank may be used for earless animals or animals with damaged ears.
d. A microchip ID is acceptable if the owner provides the reader.

4. CVIs must be submitted by veterinarians to the Maryland Department of Agriculture within 5 working days of inspection.

Official identification tags may be requested from the Maryland Department of Agriculture by calling 410-841-5810 or emailing

To receive official sheep and goat Scrapie ear tags or devices for interstate movement:
Call 1-866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824) to be connected to your local Veterinary Services Area Office and request that a premises identification number and Flock ID be assigned to your flock.

Maryland Animal Health Fair and Show Requirements can also be found at:

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Main Catalog:

  • Fair Book - Opening (PDF)
    Includes Schedule, President's Welcome, Rules & Regulations, Entertainment, Contests, Health Regulations, Open Beef. Dept., Open Dairy Dept., Open Sheep Dept., Open Dairy Goat Dept., Open Poultry Show, Open Rabbit Show, Open Horse Dept., Open Farm Crops, Open Fruit & Vegetable, Open Honey & Beeswax, and Open Wool Fleece & Fiber

  • Fair Book - Home Arts  (PDF)
    Includes Open Home Arts Dept., Food Preservation, Baked Foods & Candies, Needle Arts, Clothing, Fine Arts, Children's Fine Arts, Teenage Fine Arts, Photography, Adult Fine Arts & Crafts, Children's & Teenage Crafts, Interlocking Building Block, Woodworking, Junior Flower Show, Flowers & Herbs, Hand Spinning, and Hand Weaving

  • General Rules & Regulations (PDF)


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